Lukey have a complete range of stainless steel exhaust tips that help add the finishing touch to virtually any vehicle. The range of 70 different shapes and sizes includes exhaust tips specifically designed for Commodore, Falcon and Magna applications, as well as the popular large diameter dump pipes and large bore styles.

Manufactured from high polish, high chromium 304 Stainless Steel, Lukey Stainless Steel Tips offer several advantages over old style chrome exhaust tips. Stainless steel will continue to look good on a vehicle, long after similar chrome style tips have lost their shine or flaked. Typically the appearance of chrome tips will last for less than 6 months; stainless steel tips however will hold their shine for the lifetime of the exhaust system.

Most of the Lukey Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips range are push or interference fit and can be welded with no damage to the finish.
Lukey Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Walker Products - Lukey Stainless Steel Tips

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