Nothing beats the classic sound of a Lukey Muffler.

There's still only one muffler that looks, sounds and performs like a Lukey Muffler: a Lukey Muffler. It's the only muffler with such a strong Australian heritage, recognised for its unrivalled build quality, high-flow performance and classic sound.

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Your car speaks volumes. How it says it, is up to you...

Choose from three different muffler internals to tailor the sound and performance of your vehicle. Each configuration maniupulates the exhaust airflow in different ways creating unique noise patterns and sound levels.


Triflow Diagram

Triflow Mufflers are the most commonly used design in both original equipment and aftermarket products. These designs will deliver 12 to 25 dB attenuation depending on flow tube diameter and the volume of the muffler.

Designed to work using the destructive interference principle. Those designs that incorporate fibreglass around the flow tubes will deliver a mellower and deeper note.

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Chambered Diagram

This design works on the same principle as the straight through design with the addition of an empty chamber in the middle of the muffler. The chamber acts as a Helmholtz tuner attacking low-frequency noise waves and will deliver 10 to 15dB noise attenuation.

They also come in a baffled version, where a baffle plate is situated in the centre chamber to further deflect noise waves. The baffled version is usually 3-5dB quieter but has a more restrictive flow.

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Megaflow Diagram

The Straight-Through (also known as Megaflow) configuration deliver the best performance of all the Glass Pack Mufflers. Usually manufactured using a mandrel bent perforated tube, the flow of exhaust gas is virtually unrestricted. They are exceptionally quiet for their design, delivering 10 to 20dB noise attenuation.

The larger the muffler the quieter the resultant noise level, the density of the glass is also a factor as to how well this type of muffler performs. It will supply a deep note due to its ability to absorb high-frequency noise.

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A high-performance muffler built on racing history.

Len Lukey began manufacturing mufflers to suit the needs of high-performance automobile racing in Australia. He raced alongside some of the greats and was beloved by the automotive community. We are proud to continue Len's legacy by providing the best performing, Australian made mufflers to future generations of racing enthusiasts.

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